Mental Health vs. Physical Health

Hello Everyone!
I hope you are keeping cool during these 100 degree days! Since being outside for an extended amount of time has been nearly unbearable lately, I was happy to have come across two new shows, “Born This Way”, a reality show that follows young adults with Down Syndrome, and “Atypical”, an upcoming series about a family with a teenage boy with Autism. This push toward acceptance of individuals who may not be neurotypical is a breath of much-needed fresh air.
     Along the same lines, there has also been an influx of awareness around mental illness. From depression and anxiety to schizophrenia and borderline personality disorder, 1 in every 5 adults in the United States struggles with some type of mental illness at some point in their lives (click here to learn more statistics). With its commonality and the increase in awareness, I am still baffled at the amount of stigma surrounding mental illness and counseling.
     I came across this cartoon a couple of years ago, it is still one of my favorites and I like to pass it along every few months. It takes the most commonly heard responses to mental health and applies them to physical health. My dream would be for these responses to seem equally as absurd when referring to mental illness.
If someone were to have flu or stomach virus symptoms, the logical response would be to go see a doctor. Similarly, if someone is struggling with anxiety, depression, grief or any other number of life challenges, there is no shame in seeking a mental health practitioner, it should be the logical response.

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