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How I work

I love helping women and individuals who had a toxic childhood environment, be it through domineering or narcissistic parents, childhood abuse, or other forms of trauma. With these struggles, my clients often find it difficult to identify and express their own needs and desires without a sense of shame or guilt. The struggle to be true to oneself can often result in the individual becoming a people pleaser and feeding the repetition of more unhealthy relationships. I see my therapy office as a “testing ground” for my clients to experiment with verbalizing their needs, gaining a new perspective and embracing who they are, without the shame and judgement. I believe the therapeutic relationship provides my clients a space to get a sense of what a healthy relationship looks like, with both individuals being allowed to express their feelings without fear of retribution.
Overall, I am passionate about helping my clients feel empowered, reach their goals, and embrace nourishing relationships.