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Could you have anxiety?

Do you feel as if you are constantly on edge, just waiting for the bottom to fall out?

Are you awake for hours worrying about the day ahead? Do you find yourself waking up in the morning feeling as if you hadn’t slept at all? Are you easily overwhelmed by seemingly easy tasks? Does it feel like you have the whole world on your shoulders?

Anxiety is very real. Millions of people suffer from anxiety that ranges from mild irritation to debilitating. Anxiety affects all aspects of your life physically, as well as, mentally. Severe anxiety that goes untreated can have lasting affects.

The good news is

There is relief available

When working with clients who suffer with anxiety I help to:
– Prioritize biggest concerns
– Learn ways to self-soothe
– Practice self-compassion
– Process feelings of anxiety to alleviate some of the symptoms

You are not alone!

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America ( states that anxiety disorders are the most common illness in the United States. Approximately 40 million adults in the United States are affected by anxiety in one form or another.

Wouldn’t talking about my anxiety just make it worse?

Often times people believe that if they just try to forget about whatever it is that is making them anxious or ignore the anxiety symptoms then it will pass, when in fact, the exact opposite is true. I have also heard people express their concern that by talking about it the anxiety will get worse. The more you suppress the anxious feelings the more anxious you will become. If you are able to process the feelings of anxiety, your body is then able to release it.

Anxiety is just a lot of stress, and who isn’t stressed these days? What is the big deal?

If anxiety and/or stress is changing your ability to productively function in our own life, then it is a very big deal! Chances are, someone in your life lead you to believe that just because stress is common that you don’t have a right to complain about it. Please disregard that way of thinking – stress and anxiety may be common, but that does not make them any less valid. Additionally, when not treated, anxiety can cause heart problems, stomach issues and any other number of additional BIG problems.


” As a colleague in the field, I can say that I am very impressed with Ashley as a therapist. She is precociously insightful, and has a deep sense of advocacy to her work that I find impressive. Her commitment to her ongoing learning serves to heighten these qualities.”
– Chelsea D., Licensed Professional Counselor

Why should I use you?

Wonderful Question! Here are a few things that may set me a part from other therapists:
– Clients have stated that I am understanding, patient and compassionate
– I use a variety of therapy techniques including, but not limited to, mindfulness and art. I find experiential therapies to be especially helpful to those who, initially, have a difficult time with traditional talk therapy.
– I provide a safe and accepting environment
– If you find that I am not a good fit for you, I will refer you to other practitioners who may be a better match for you.

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