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Beat the Holiday Stress With These Upcoming Events!

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Beat the Holiday Stress With These Upcoming Events!

Hello Everyone!
Can you believe the end of the year is already upon us? With the holiday season fast approaching, stress can be at an all time high. Please join me for one of these upcoming events to help make the next few months a little easier! But hurry, spaces are limited!
I look forward to seeing you!
Ashley Errico, LLC

Addressing Anxiety

Need a little help managing the stress this holiday season? This workshop is an introduction to self-regulation and combatting anxiety. Participants will learn to recognize feelings within their bodies and how to use that information to calm their nerves.This workshop utilizes hands-on activities and a mediation exercise to help support the information presented. Participants will leave this workshop with a list of immediately executable techniques to help lessen their anxiety while also increasing their internal awareness.

**Participants will sit on floor cushions (back support floor chairs available)

Navigating Narcissists

May people have a difficult time navigating complicated family relationships around the holidays, especially when a narcissistic family member or family friend is attending the festivities! Participants will learn to identify a narcissist and navigate the relationships with the varying narcissists in their lives. The goal of this workshop is for attendees to walk away with the knowledge of how to separate from or maintain a relationship with a narcissist without sacrificing the self. This workshop is particularly helpful for those who feel they may be the adult child of a narcissistic parent, but is applicable to all narcissistic relationships.**Participants will sit on floor cushions (back support floor chairs available)



Is learning to manage life stressors part of New Years Resolutions? Then you are in luck! I will be starting a new meditation group in January! Continue to check back for more details!

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