Come on in and take a look around! I provide support for people pleasers, anxious overachievers, trauma survivors and adult children of a Narcissistic parents. I am about to start launching some exciting new retreat sign-ups, resources and products, so make sure you don't leave before signing up to get all the updates! 


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Mama Needs a Moment is coming up soon! 

Mama's in the Austin and San Antonio area's, join me on 8/31/24 for a one day retreat dedicated to nurturing your body, mind and spirit and make some friends along the way! 

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My name is Ashley Errico and I have been a practicing therapist for over 10 years now in Austin, TX. I have always been passionate about helping people. With my first career in education, I found that my classroom became a revolving door of co-workers looking for support, comfort and advice. I felt honored that they felt safe enough to confide in me and that I could be the sounding board and nurturing presence they sought.

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Whether you are looking for individual counseling, group therapy, an intensive, or workshop my job is to help you find the best path to your healing. 


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"Ashley Errico is a compassionate and highly skilled therapist who brings the best of counseling support to her clients in order to help each individual heal. Clients struggling with anxiety, people pleasing, or those dealing with unresolved trauma and/or are in relationship with Narcissistic parents and need support and tools to move forward will find the help they need at Errico Counseling. "


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