Pros and Cons to Using Insurance

cons coverage in-network insurance mental health out-of-network pros psychotherapy May 31, 2024

I hope you are enjoying the longer days! As we are ending the first month of summer, I’m happy to announce that I have recently joined the panel for Aetna. With this new development, I have had inquiries about the benefits and downfalls of utilizing insurance for psychotherapy.

 I thought it might be helpful to provide a simple pros and cons list of using insurance for mental health services.


1. You only have to pay your co-pay at the time services are rendered
2. Your insurance company pre-screens the providers according to their standards



1. Your confidentiality is compromised as the provider needs to share certain information with your insurance company
2. Some insurance only covers a limited number of sessions per year

3. Insurance companies require that the provider give you a diagnosis as a pre-requisite for coverage. This diagnosis will be on your record and could be considered a pre-existing condition in the future

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